• Marie Bateson

Make The Bed

It takes a maximum of two minutes.

How much better do you feel walking into your bedroom and the bed is made and neat?

You have somewhere to put your clean washing while putting it away, it is more inviting to get into and it encourages you to keep the rest of the room tidy.

Train the kids to do it, they may not do it perfectly but it forms a habit with them for the future.

Mine did it easily as they soon preferred to go back into a tidy room and if they missed a morning they certainly didnt want to do it later.

It is such a quick and easy task but many people still don't realise the benefit. A therapist once told me to try leaving it unmade for a week as I may be too controlled, I did and it felt wrong, I felt disorganised and behind all day, as if everything was later than it should be, weird I know.

Dont do that, try making it as soon as you get out for one week.

I guarantee you wont look back.


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