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Garage Sorting

If like most people, your garage is jammed-packed with items you’ve collected over the years; some you use, some you don’t roll up your sleeves. With summer around the corner, and time on your hands, why not start that project you have been putting off? You will want to use your garage for outdoor equipment, tools and toys or simply as a functional storage area. Unfortunately, you can’t achieve that without first making space.

There are a few suggestions when it comes to garage clear-outs. The best method? Separate your objects by purpose and then use the following to start clearing out unwanted items.

Unused Sports Equipment

It’s only convenient to have a personal sporting goods store in your garage if you actually use the equipment. Rather than having it sit in your garage collecting dust, dump it if the equipment is worn or damaged, or donate it if it can still be used. Most local recreation centers gladly accept gently-used equipment.

Old Decorations

You may want to hang onto your child’s first holiday ornament or the Halloween skeleton that’s past its best, but it all takes up space. There’s no need to keep storing decades-old decor just to use it once a year. Downsize your decor and clear out any item that is damaged or hasn’t been used in a few years.

Empty Boxes

We are taught as good consumers to keep packaging and papers that came with big purchases. It’s not a bad idea to save the box your toaster came in or the packaging from a TV. However, if you’ve had the items for more than a year, it’s time to get rid of the box. The returns policy for these items has most likely expired, especially if you’ve been using these items regularly. Also, in many cases, you may only need the proof of purchase or serial number as packaging is sent out for returns by lots of companies now. So check your warranty and only save what you actually need. Use it for storing things in that you are keeping.

Old Electronics

If you’ve been holding onto your old VCR or broken record player out of nostalgia, it’s time to let it go. There are plenty of people who will enjoy the antiques or old tech items that are collecting dust in your garage. If anything is valuable, there are many places to donate or sell. Just because you can see the value in an item though, doesn’t mean it’s worth the space it’s taking up in your home. Try Vintage Cash Cow. They will send parcel force to collect from you.


First sort and categorize. Any rusty or broken items, in the bin. Any duplicates? consider the need for these, most of us have two hammers and many screwdrivers.

Old power tools you were bought but never use, do you know someone who would make use? You can always borrow it back then.

Broken strimmers and lawnmowers should go in the tip pile.

Thin down those nails and screws.

Clearing out your garage can be a tedious task and quite strenuous. Save yourself the hassle and call me in for help if you don’t get it finished. I will take the items away for you too.


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