• Marie Bateson

The Struggle to Juggle.

We are all busier than twenty years ago, we find it a struggle to juggle everything life throws at us and have very little spare time. We cannot easily fit in the time to clear out our homes and our thoughts.

We feel overwhelmed and that we are failing to keep on top of life. Our thoughts and feelings play a huge part on both our well being, on the environment around us and in which we live. If we feel like our lives are too fast then often the people in them suffer and so does the home.

The home should be the place you look forward to returning to and where you feel safe, relaxed and put your mind and thoughts in order. To be that place it should be clear and organised.

To be successful with your clearing it has to be sustainable. You need to change your own patterns and only you can do this. New habits and strategies have to be adopted and when I work with clients their lifestyle, family situation, home layout, requirements, time and honesty are determined before and during the sessions.

You will not feel safe to let things go until you address the reasons why you are trying to make these changes. Clearing isn’t a one off sort out, it is a way of life and needs to be done quite regularly.

It isn’t about getting rid of lots of things it is about letting go of things and thoughts that get in the way of you feeling settled and calm. Firstly slow down, small changes made consistently over time will be the game changer. You don’t need to do it all at once, that is an overwhelming prospect for most people.

There are many courses available to follow on line and for some people these may be effective. If however you are “time poor” and want to act straight away, then I believe you should just make a start.

Sit down and make a list. It always makes you feel good to subsequently tick things off and it focuses your plan. Think about the area where change would give you the most benefit. This might be the kitchen so that you have more food preparation space by freeing up cupboard room and clearing things off the work surfaces, it might be the piles of paperwork that are constantly at the back of your mind and could be costing you money, overflowing wardrobes or mountains of books.

Be honest with yourself, this area may not be where you would choose to start but if tackling it first will bring you the most satisfaction make it your starting point.

I visit many clients who think they should start in a particular area but then on my initial assessment I identify a “hot spot” and by that I mean the area that once cleared will enable the rest of the process to be completed easier and quicker. It could be the entrance hall as it is blocking access and making it difficult to remove things. It could be the clothing that is overflowing into every room.

Book the time to make a start with yourself. Treat it as an appointment so do not start if you have another appointment in half an hours’ time. It will ALWAYS take longer than you anticipate.

If you are going to clear and organise a whole room, break it down into sections and don’t do it all at once. Pick one section and once finished if you have had enough, stop.

If you feel good about it and have time, carry on with the next section. Keep these side by side rather than opposite ends of the room so work around the space left to right, it is more effective and the impact is greater.

Even small changes will give you the motivation to continue if done properly.

In the workshops I deliver the steps to decluttering in more detail.

Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and it has taken time to get to the current chaotic state so it will take time to put it straight.

I am a Professional Declutterer and Organiser and a member of APDO (the Association of professional declutterers) and organisers and Hoarding UK. I am happy to answer any questions and you can contact me at cut-the-clutter@outlook.com or on 0771 9148289

Marie Bateson


07719 148289

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